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David Bain goes through 10 gallons of milk, 35 lunches, and 40 loads of laundry every week. That's because he and his wife have 13 kids. That's right: 13. More specifically, they're foster parents - taking in (and sometimes adopting) kids who have suffered from neglect and other abuses. What does it take to raise a foster family? How do you navigate carpooling and the court system? How do you deal with drug-addicted biological parents, or with violent attacks on children? How do you hand a child back to her biological family after she has lived with you for years? And how hard is it to adopt the child yourself? David Bain and other foster parents open the door into their lives and answer the question: what does it take to make a family?

The Clark County Foster and Adoptive Parent Association is also sponsoring a nationwide walk on November 6 at Mountain Crest Park. The walk will support Clark County's foster children and adoptive families.

David Bain, foster parent
Stephanie Bain, David's daughter
Anita Stephens, Pres, Clark County Foster and Adoptive Parents Assoc

Support comes from

Brenda Herbstman, DFS Foster Care Licensing Training Coordinator

Foster Care Info: (702) 455-0181
Clark County Child Abuse/Neglect: (702) 399-0081
Washoe County Child Abuse/Neglect: (775) 784-8090
Statewide for Northern and Rural NV: (800) 992-5757

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