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Reno's Grace Hayes Appears On "American Idol"

Reno-based singer-songwriter Grace Hayes is getting a nationwide stage. She's appearing  on the reboot of ABC's "American Idol." 

Hayes is more than just a singer. She's also a songwriter, comedian, and spoken-word poet. 

Willobee Carlan, program director for Nevada Public Radio's NV89, talked to KNPR's about Hayes and her potential to make a big splash on the singing competition show.

“Right now, everything is top secret on the show, but the season starts Sunday night," Carlan said, "We’re not sure if Grace is going to appear on the very first show, but she is going to appear.”

Carlan said Hayes is a huge part of the local music scene in Reno and has worked with a lot of musicians in the area. 

Her father is a musician as well. He is a Sammy Davis Jr. tribute artist. 

Hayes started playing the piano when she was just 6 years old and now at 21 years old, she writes her own songs.

“She does everything," Carlan said, "She does it all. She is not only a talented singer and not only beautiful and stunning but she’s very deep in her thoughts, in her lyrics.”

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Carlan said she has a Ted X Talk to prove it. Her overall message is to encourage everyone to be themselves. 

"She wants to encourage us - the whole world - to be weird," he said.

However, Carlan describes her as being soft-spoken when he's talked to her one on one. 

"I think she's saving up all her energy and the weirdness for her performances when she gets up on stage or in front of a camera," he said.

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Willobee Carlan, Program Director and afternoon host at NV89

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